Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There really hasn't been much going on lately. My aunt has been sick for almost seven weeks. While she is doing much better she still isn't up to par yet so I have been busy lately.

I had to hold off on Vivre agility class when she went in to heat and I haven't gotten a reply from the people yet on new class dates. Actually I think they have forgotten me, but with Marti being so sick lately I couldn't have gone any way. I had to cancel on Brydon twice for bitework and it has been so hot I have worried about Vivre's total inability to pace herself on hikes.

We did go for a short hike to Dog Slaughter falls one day when it wasn't too hot. I have some short video, but I haven't gotten it posted yet and it isn't anything but Vivre fetching her toy in the creek and some shots of Vivre at the little beach there.

On the video I was throwing her toy in the shallow rocky area which usually isn't a problem, but she went over a rock, slipped and pulled a muscle. She was fine, but I didn't do too much with her there after that.

Here are a couple of the photos. They aren't great shots, but they are of Vivre so that is enough. Um... okay it won't let me post the shots so I will try again later.  Just had to restart firefox...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that face! Cute Vivre! Looks like Juno when I am about to throw her toy!